About Myself

My name is Joshua Mefford.  I have been making knives since 2005 and full time since 2008.  Even though I didn’t make my first knife until I was 28, kind of late in life compared to some bladesmiths, knives have always held a special place in my heart.  Not only as a mere weapon or tool, but as works of art.  My main inspiration for knife making was my grandfather.  He made knives pretty much all his life.  Even though they weren’t exactly the prettiest of blades, they were all very well made and my grandma still uses many of them in the kitchen today, a few of which are around 40 years old.  I have been a proud member of the American Bladesmith Society since 2008.  I am currently an apprentice smith, and after August of this year I will be eligible to take my test for the Journeyman Smith rating.  I am constantly learning new techniques and ideas, thus applying it to my craft.  God willing in a few years I will be a master smith, and striving to make my mark among some of the bladesmithing communities greats.


I produce blades of my own design or per customer specs which include but not limited to : hunting/skinners, work knives, fighters/self defense and bowies.  When making my knives I both forge the steel and also employ stock removal.  It really depends on what I am working with and what the customer wants.  I do all my own heat treatment, which consists of a multiple oil quench then heat draw.
The finish depends on the knife and or the customer.  I will finish the blade with either a mirror polish, hand rubbed/satin finish, heat temper colored or lightly etched in ferric chloride to show off the temper lines.


I will use many different types of high carbon steels.  It all depends on the type of knife and what it will be used for.  I use 1075, 1095, 5160, W-2, D-2, pre made Damascus and even old railroad spikes.  (My RR spike knives are actually very popular!)
For guards, bolsters, spacers and pommels, I like to use brass, copper, nickel silver, stainless steel, heat tempered and forged mild steel and 6064T-3 aircraft aluminum.
As far as handle materials go, my favorites are rare and exotic woods, buffalo horn, stag and deer antler, mammoth ivory or molars, giraffe bone, oosic or any other hard to find exotic materials I can get my hands on that would look good on a knife.  I also use synthetics such  as G-10, mircarta, and I wrap some with parachute cord.  The handles can also be inlaid with stones and precious metals.  The type of steel, guard and handle materials I use depend on the size, shape and type of knife and per customer request.


I take pride in my work and hold myself to the highest standards in quality and craftsmanship.  I believe in providing the highest quality of knives for prices you don’t have to take a second mortgage for!  I will repair for any defect or problem that wasn’t  caused by negligence or abuse for free.  I repair isn’t possible I will make a replacement knife.  I hope the knife I make for you gives you many years of hard dependable work, and the possibility of you able to pass it down to future  generations so others can enjoy it as you have.

If you have any problems, questions, or comments please feel free to contact me via phone or email.